To IUD or Not to IUD

I’ve never taken any kind of birth control.

When we got married we did fertility awareness and soon became aware that we are VERY fertile since we got pregnant on our honeymoon. But even after Jude was born I continued to NOT take birth control.
For a little over 2 years we charted my cycled until we decided to not chart and see what happened.
Noah happened.
After Noah was born my body was had a little trouble regulating and that’s when Simon happened.
So here we are 7 months after Simon and trying to weigh our options.

We think we’re done having kids but don’t want to make any permanent decisions just yet so we are considering a hormone free IUD. At my last appointment I asked my OB about my options and she thought a hormone free IUD would be the best fit for us.

I’ve heard mixed reviews from people about the benefits and side effects associated with a hormone free IUD but I think I really just need to make an appointment with the OB to really get some hard facts.

I’d love to hear what you think about IUDs and birth control or about your experiences with hormone free IUDs.


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