The Big Boy Bed



Friday morning Joe and I were enjoying the last few minutes before we had to get up when in bursts a cherry 5-year old followed by his 2-year old brother. We’re accustomed to being awoken by Jude but we were shocked to see Noah bouncing in behind him. Up until that morning Noah was contained in his crib until we got him. We asked Jude if he helped Noah get out of his crib, but he assured us he did not help.

We thought maybe it was a fluke, a one-time incident but he had been so quiet about it. There was no crying, screaming or loud thud to alert us, so clearly it was no accident. Then nap-time rolled around and a mere 3 minutes after laying him down out he pops and greets me at the top of the stairs with a proud “hello”. After several time of putting him back he eventually fell asleep. At that point Joe and I realized we needed to do something about the “situation”.

After consulting the internet (thanks Facebook friends) we decided to put his crib mattress on the floor until we could acquire a twin bed. That night he easily fell asleep on the tiny mattress and then immediately fell onto the floor. Throughout the night he managed to roll all the way across his room. The next day nap-time was a total bust because his awesome new room was too much to handle but the no-nap worked in our favor since he all but passed out that night.

Yesterday we set up a twin mattress on the floor and nap-time was a big success. He seemed a little hesitant to let his little mattress go but once he realized his “big bed” was like Jude’s he was sold.

Now we are just trying to decide which boys will get to share a room.


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