Swim Lessons

I’m so excited. I’m filling out the forms for Jude to start swim lessons at the YMCA next month. I love swimming and I love that Jude loves to swim. I’ve been wanting to get him in swim lessons for awhile but with all the transitions we’ve had this year there wasn’t a good time…. until now!
Growing up I did competitive swimming and always loved being in the water. I have secretly hoped that Jude would like to participate in competitive swimming too. He already loves the water and has a pretty good grasp on “how to” swim he just needs some more practice. You never know, maybe he’ll be an Olympic swimmer! 

Honestly, I’d really like to start swimming again. There is a swim group at The Y for adults that I should look into joining. But first I have to lose a few baby pounds so I can actually fit into my swimming suit.

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