Whole5 Challenge

Joe and I have decided to do a mini – Whole5 challenge. Since our Whole30 Challenge in January we’ve learned a few things about our bodies and overall health.

Joe has been dealing with random hives for almost 2 years now. We’ve tried many different techniques to try and eliminate them and so far the most improvement we’ve seen was during our Whole30. While the hives didn’t completely go away there was a drastic reduction in their occurrence. Our Whole5 is a chance to see if it was a fluke or if there might be something more we need to investigate. I’ve been encouraging Joe to go see an allergist in hopes they might have some insight into what is causing his outbreaks.

I also noticed a difference when we ended Whole30. While we haven’t completely gone back to our old eating habits we aren’t eating paleo full time either. Before Whoe30 I would get crushing headaches for what appeared to be no apparent reason. I didn’t get any during Whole30 but didn’t make the connection until after when we started adding back our old foods. I’m not sure what triggers them but I’m thinking it’s refined sugar or flour. I had a particularly bad headache last weekend when Joe’s parents were visiting and we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant. I didn’t eat any pasta but I did splurge on a Nutella Cheesecake.

So this week’s Whole5 is a chance to test our theories and flush our systems of the not-so-healthy options we’ve been choosing as of late.

I’ve selected a few of our favorite dinner dishes from Whole30 and planned out our meals of the week. I will briefly share what we ate and give updates on how we are feeling. For breakfast I plan on eating a lot of eggs, we just got a dozen fresh eggs from my brother and sister-in-law’s chickens so I’m pretty well stocked. Lunches will be leftover, tuna or a variety of veggie, meat & fruit I have available. (I’m hoping for a lot of leftovers!)

Whole5 Dinner Meal Plan

  • Monday – Beef Fajitas (Steak & Peppers atop lettuce and topped with tomato and guacamole)
  • Tuesday – Sweet Peppers & Sweet Potato Beef
  • Wednesday – Curry Chicken
  • Thursday – Beef Stew
  • Friday – Bun-less Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

I also plan to hit up the gym this week. I’ve been consistently losing weight but I really need to focus on toning my stomach, after 3 kids it’s a bit jiggly.

Does anyone have any good tips for strengthening core muscles?


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