Round Ligament *shakes fist at the sky

I first realized I was pregnant with baby 3 when the round ligament pain started. It was early, probably 4 or 5 weeks but my body knew things were going to get stretched out again.

The other night I woke up with the most excruciating round ligament pain yet.
It felt like someone was JABBING A KNIFE in my lower right abdomen.

I slowly tried to move to relieve the pressure the baby was placing on that area but every movement brought with it more intense pain. I knew if I could make it to the bathroom that emptying my bladder would relieve a bit of pressure but thinking about getting out of bed made me cringe. But I gritted my teeth and made my way to the bathroom, hunched over and hold my side.

Emptying my bladder helped but the pain was still there when I returned to the bed. So I decided to try a few different positions. Being on my hands and knees was where I found the most relief but I was half awake and desperate to go back to sleep.

So I found my Boppy Wedge Pillow and placed it under my belly and tried to get as comfortable as possible. Thankfully, I slept fairly sound the rest of the night but I know the round ligament pain will come again, especially the further along I get.

Has anyone has experience with severe round ligament pain during pregnancy?
What are your best tips for relieve or avoiding the pain?


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