Baby 2’s Nursery Update

Less than 2 months ago the nursery looked like this when we first moved in. Now most of the house is unpacked and ready for Baby 2’s arrival. There are a few small projects to be completed in the nursery but nothing that couldn’t be done in a few hours if we just set our minds to it. Hopefully, this weekend will yield the completion of the nursery.
As you can see everything is set up and all the boxes are unpacked we just have to find homes for the last few items. 
The crib was Jude’s that I bought second hand, I like that it’s white. (I still need some artwork above the crib.) Also, there is no overhead light in this room so we are hanging a fun pendant light in that corner.
The dresser we found on Craigslist. The changing pad was a yard sale find (cover and all) The owl prints are actually framed coasters from Kerry Beary‘s Etsy Shop.
This is another Craigslist find. I really wanted a glider when I had jude but didn’t have the room or budget for one. I got this one used, only $20 and it perfectly matches everything.
I have some green black out shades that used to be in Jude’s room that perfectly match our color scheme. I just need to get Joe to hang them.

This is the last area that has packed boxes. Mostly they are pictures that need to be hung elsewhere in the house or just put in the attic. I’m hoping to put a small bookshelf in that space. The two prints on the wall is this and this from carambatack etsy shop.

Hopefully, after this weekend the room will be completed and I will post updated pictures. So close….

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