Halloween Costumes that keep on giving


Jude was Spider-man last Halloween. We got him a store bought costume which was perfect for the evening but when he wanted to wear it every day it started to fall apart. I mended the tears as best I could but eventually it was just too far gone. Being that it was cheaply made in the first place I was surprised that it made it as long as it did.

I learned a valuable lesson last Halloween, kids love to play dress-up… every day.

So this year instead of spending $20 on a cheaply made costume we spent $20 on a nice pair of pajamas.

Jude wants to be Spider-man again this year and the Disney Store has the cutest Spider-man pajamas so we opted for Spidey PJ’s instead of a costume. This way he an be Spider-man every night he he desires.

We’ll pair his pajamas with a fun mask and he’s ready to go trick-or-treating.

I know the “pajamas as a costume” bit won’t last forever but at this age he just wants to play pretend all the time so why not.


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