4 Roommates Vs 1 Toilet

My sophomore year of college I moved into an on campus “apartment” with 3 other girls. By apartment I mean 1 bedroom, 1 living space, a “kitchenette” and bathroom encapsulated in a cinder block building.  (all share by 4 college girls) It was less than impressive but it was better than dorm living, so we thought.
Hanging Christmas decorations on our crap apartment, A-1

For a few days we’d been noticing our toilet acting funny and occasionally clogging. We submitted a maintenance request to have it checked out. Then one evening after I got out of the shower I heard a gurgle coming from the tub. I turned to discover sewage come UP the drain and filling the bath tub. Then the same things started happening to the toilet and then it flowed onto the floor. My roommates and I quickly began to build a barrier between the poo and the rest of our “apartment”. We immediately called our Resident Advisor who contacted maintenance. We thought for sure our stinky situation would warrant immediate action. We were wrong.

We cleaned up the mess and waited. For 3 days we waited. We called and called but no one ever came to look at our bathroom. We showered in the dorms and walked across to the public bathroom next door to brush out teeth at night. We told everyone we could about our problem including professors and they all sympathized with us but no one could really help us. We sat around contemplating our situation and wondering what we should do when someone jokingly suggest we call the college president’s office and lodge our complaint. After a few minutes I said, “why not?” and picked up the phone. Of course I didn’t get past his secretary but I told her our fecal matter hoping she would relay the message. Within the hour we had a maintenance crew in our “apartment” fixing the bathroom. Of course, we got in trouble by our advisers for going above them but we did what needed to be done so we could get on with our business. (pun intended)

Looking back I not only see a comical situation (I wrote a song about it!) but a time when my roommates and I were forced to bond together to overcome a real life dilemma. I can’t help but wonder how the Roommate Agreement between Sheldon and Leonard of The Big Bang Theory might play out it my bathroom situation.
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