Jude’s First Time Finger Painting


With only a few weeks of summer left we need to get busy crossing things off our summer bucket list.

Can you believe that Jude has NEVER finger painted, well not with real paint and not as an assigned project.

He is a messy kid so I knew he would absolutely love the opportunity to get messy ON PURPOSE. It’s just I already have plenty of mess to clean up and I didn’t want to add more to my ever-growing cleaning list. But, I bit the bullet and bought some washable finger paints at Michael’s.

Just to be safe I covered the table with newspaper and made Jude remove his shirt. The finger paint said it was washable but I’d rather not chance it.

Once I opened the containers of paint there was no hesitation from Jude, he dove right in and began to create “beautiful colors”.

Surprisingly it wasn’t too messy so we might actually do it again sometime.

Has your little one tried finger painting?


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