What Really Happens When You Bring Your Family to a Blog Conference

So last week I wrote about the pros and cons of bringing your family to a blog conference. I said I felt confident I wouldn’t be too stressed this time around and that everyone would have a good time. Well, the conference came and went and here’s what really happened.

It actually wasn’t too bad. Aside from rough bedtime routines it was pretty awesome having the whole family in tow. Joe was super-dad the whole weekend and I was very proud to show off my family to all of the other bloggers. Planning the weekend helped keep everyone entertained but we still managed to squeeze in a little family fun as well.

Jude participate in KidCon on Friday, which he loved. He got his own swag bag and didn’t even notice me when I came in to check on him during lunch. While Jude was at KidCon Joe took Noah to meet up with his friend Chris to record a song (David Bowie’s Under Pressure) for Chris’ 52 project.

Saturday Joe took both boys to Discovery Place and after looking at these pictures I’m a little sad I didn’t get to tag along. Since our hotel was located in the downtown area they were able to walk to the museum (well, he strapped Noah to his back in the carrier and pushed Jude in the stroller, he really was super dad!)

Joe’s account of their visit to the museum:

We had a lot of fun. Jude really liked the air chair and the fact that he could touch everything in the building. He also really enjoyed the water table, the kid’s area was pretty neat. We didn’t get to go to the movie theater but it looked like it would have been pretty neat.

The next time we are in Charlotte we will have to all go as a family because it sounds like it was a lot of fun not only for the kids but also parents. The Discovery Place makes learning fun and who doesn’t like to have fun?

The boys were great the whole trip except when bedtime rolled around. They typically go to bed around 8pm but I think their average bedtime as 10pm. Who wants to go to bed when there is so much fun to be had?

We received free admission to the Discovery Place museum. The opinions are my own and not influenced by the museum or any other company.


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