My Magical Moment with Noah

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My sweet baby Noah will be 1 year old next week and as I think back on the day he finally decided to join us there are a few moments I will never forget.

Noah was born at home in the wee hours of the morning. Jude and Joe’s Parents slept in the other room while we welcomed sweet Noah with the assistance of our dear friends and midwives. One of the most magical moments that I will never forget occurred a few hours after Noah’s birth. Jude awoke to the sound of a crying newborn. I heard Joe’s mom greet Jude when he proclaimed, “I hear a cat in the kitchen!” Grammy laughed a little and said, “Jude, that’s not a cat, that’s a baby.” And immediately Jude knew it was his new baby brother and came bouncing in the room filled with excitement to see his new baby brother.

Jude meeting his baby brother for the first time.

This photo is the first photo we have as a family of four, it was the first time Jude met his brother and I will forever remember that Jude thought we had a cat in the kitchen.


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