True Story: A Key Lock Box

Recently while driving through a neighborhood Joe and I had the discussion below:

Me: I have a confession to make. You know those key lock boxes you see on the doors of houses for sale. Well, for a long time I thought they were actually a lock your put on the door to keep people out instead of a combination locked box which contains the key to the door. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I finally figured it out.

Joe: I have a confession to make. I thought the same thing up until about 10 seconds ago.

I love that guy.


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  1. love this post! I tried to explain to my fiance that a kiwi, while green in pictures is actually brown on the outside and that he was now holding one HOLDING ONE! hahaha

  2. That is so sweet of him to say that. Well on second thought…. I love it anyway. And I love your blog.

  3. Omg! The house across the street from me has one of those. I thought it was to keep the door locked too (And wondered HOW it would being that it is the same type of handle as in your photo)

  4. when my husband and i were looking at houses to buy years ago our realtor took us to one that had such a lock on it. It was not listed with him and he'd never been there before. Since we were most interested in the property that houses had we decided we'd look at that first. We strolled the acerage and checked out the barn and shed building thoroughly. Their garage was unlocked so we went inside and looked around. Then we went up to the door, the realator used the key to unlock it and we stepped inside. A tour of the home revealed someone in the shower. Here they had decided NOT to sell their home, their realtor was suppose to come get the lock box off and unlist it and CALL ALL THE REALTORS WITH APPOINTMENTS TO CANCEL!!! that didn't happen! Sorry to interrupt your shower maam! (we didn't walk in on her. She got done, heard something and came out scared to death in her robe and towel to find us!)

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