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I am a planner. Before I became a stay-at-home mom I had a job and it was basically all about planning stuff. I like making lists and spreadsheets and timelines and filling in calendars. It helps me stay sane.

This past week I’ve been planning every single trip our family will take this year… all at once. We didn’t travel at all last year (due to a 4th child and no $) but this year we plan on taking a few small trips and adventures. My brain is running in all directions at once planning every detail of our trips meanwhile Joe is stressing out about the 1st trip on our list. He’s not a planner. He does one thing at a time and pours all of his attention into that one thing. Then when it’s complete he moves on to the next thing. So while I’m fluttering about planning all the things like crazy, Joe is quietly freaking out becoming overwhelmed by all the things.

But we work well together. He teaches me to slow down and enjoy the spontaneity of life and I make sure we’ve got a dinner plan for when we’re done being spontaneous.


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