Looking for a Lightweight, Easy-to-Use Nursing Cover?

I think a woman should be free to breastfeed her baby anywhere she likes however I try to be discreet and use a cover in certain situations. If I’m wearing an outfit that makes discreet nursing difficult or we are in a large crowd I typically use a cover. This is mostly out of respect for the people around me. I know breastfeeding in public makes some people uncomfortable so I try to be considerate.

I’ve tried several different types of nursing covers; everything from a simple blanket to a structured cover with boning. One of my biggest concerns with nursing covers is how much space they take up in my bag. I don’t always want to carry around a big diaper bag so I prefer small, easily portable baby items. I recently tried out the new nursing wrap from The Milk and Honey Co and it is by far the simplest and compact design I’ve seen.

The nursing cover wrap is made with luxurious, lightweight, breathable and natural 100% cotton voile. It’s simple to use, it just snaps around the neck and the fabric creates a flattering cowl neck which also enables mom to see her baby as she nurses. Because of the simple design the nursing cover wrap is very versatile, it can be used as a blanket, stroller cover, sun shade or even worn as a scarf, cowl or cape. It’s machine washable and becomes softer with each wash.

The Milk and Honey Co. Nursing Cover Wrap is available on The Milk and Honey Co website and The Milk and Honey Etsy site, price start at $32.
There are a variety of fabric choices to choose from.

The Milk and Honey Co., formerly Lone Pine Designs, also carries a variety of sleep sacks. I previously reviewed the babysnapsack and it has easily become my favorite and most used sleep sack to date.

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I received the featured product as a gift from Susan, the owner of The Milk and Honey Co. I chose to share my opinions here because I find it to be such a great product. The opinions in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.


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