House Tour: Jude’s Bedroom

Jude’s room was one of the 1st rooms we completed after we moved in. Because he had such a hard time adjusting after the move we thought it was best to make his room as comfortable and familiar as possible. He still has the same Star Wars Themed room like he did before.

A few of my favorite items are:

  • His bed – this was my dad’s bed when he was little. I used this same bed when I was little.
  • The small bookshelf – Joe’s dad made that for Joe when he was little.
  • The moon light – simple IKEA installation that Jude loves!
  • Milson Road Birthday Art above the dresser.


I hope to add a few more Star Wars pieces into the room, maybe ad some throw pillows or something fun. But for now Jude loves his room and is so proud of all his Star Wars stuff.

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