I’m gonna eat… yeah

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Party Party

Jude has shown extreme interest in food for the past few weeks. I always said I would introduce solids only when he showed interest. (BTW He’ll be 6 mos next week!) So for a couples weeks I was hoping it was only a phase that would soon pass. Otherwise it means my baby is growing up! 🙁

One night I pureed some avocado and let him try a little… it was obviously a learning experience for him more than anything else but he absolutely LOVED it. He liked sitting in his high chair at the big people table, with his own tray and a spoon! He didn’t eat too much but he did have fun.

Over this past week I’ve decided to let him try a few more things and I think I’ve created a food monster. While he’s awaiting the food he makes the same grunting noises as when I’m getting ready to BF him. He can kill 2 oz of apples! but after each solid meal we have a BF meal where he usually eats pretty well there too. We haven’t decreased the number of BFings and don’t plan to wean anytime soon. Right now it’s a lot of fun for him and if he decides it’s boring in a week or so we’ll take a little break.

Modeling his sweet bib that Jane made for him… it has a whale on it!

Opening Wide… give me apples.

Guiding my hand. He just wants to make sure I don’t miss his mouth.


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