20 Reasons My Husband Rocked this Weekend

Most husband were under a lot pressure this weekend due to Mother’s Day. But let me tell you my husband totally blew it out of the water. He had even more pressure than most because my birthday is the day before Mother’s Day. Oh yeah, he was also on-call for work which meant in between all the awesomeness he was working, including working from 3-6am Sunday morning!
Reasons My Husband Rocked the Weekend
1. He bought me birthday flowers
2. He got a haircut to look sexy for our date on Friday night
3. He took me to eat sushi and milkshakes for my birthday date (weird pregnancy cravings)
4. He took care of the boys so I could go shopping with my mama
5. He took the boys shopping for my birthday and mother’s day presents.
6. He took me out to lunch for my birthday and drove around for 20 min to find a parking spot.
7. He bought me a birthday cake, Boston Cream!
8. He wrapped up pictures of the presents he bought me but had yet to arrive. (He felt bad they weren’t here yet.)
9. He changed ALL the poopy diapers
10. He cleaned up all the toys, cooked dinner and washed the dishes.
11. He got up in the middle of the night with the crying babies.(Even though he had to work at 3am!)
12. He still got up with the boys in the morning so I could take my time getting ready in the morning. (Even though he didn’t get back to sleep until 6am!)
13. He took me out to lunch for Mother’s Day. (We used a GC! – I love a man that spends wisely.)
14. Let me relax and read while he took care of the boys.
15. Fed the boys dinner while I went grocery shopping alone (not glamorous but it needed to be done.) 
16. Put the boys to bed and let me watch TV
17. Cleaned the kitchen again!
18. Made me dinner.
19. And spent the rest of the evening snuggling with me on the couch!
20. He gave me lots of hugs and kisses and told me loved me like a billion times!
I am so blessed to have a man that listens to me and takes care of me so well.
I was pretty clear about what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I wanted a day off from my regular household duties but to still spend time with my family and he nail it. We didn’t spend a lot of money because quality time and thoughtfulness mean so much more to me than expensive gifts. I am so on love with my husband and I don’t care if this is a long and cheesy post.

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