When Potty Training Becomes a Discipline Issue

Timeout chairWe’ve been “potty training” for over a year and yet it feels like we are at day 1. We’ve tried all the methods, tricks and rewards and we’ve even had complete success only to have the reset button hit when we moved. We are far beyond learning and discovery, we have hit a discipline issue.

Jude knows HOW to use the potty, all by himself too!

He knows when he has to go potty. He understands the signals his body gives him.

He knows that if he does a good job he will be rewarded.

But none of that matters because we have hit a defiant wall. He chooses to continue to pee and poop in his pants and then lie to us about it. So we’ve started to punish him for these actions. Every time he hides away to pee or poop in his pants he gets a timeout.

I know the “experts” say you should make potty training a positive experience but at what point does it move from a potty training issue to a discipline issue?

I know I’ve expressed my frustration with our potty training journey MANY times and you’re probably wondering if this kid will ever learn to use the toilet. Trust me, I want it to happen more than anyone. I really don’t want to have 3 kids in diapers!


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