What do I do with a child that won’t nap?

It’s been over a year and a half since Jude took a nap. He’s a very busy kid and will just not stop to take a nap.

I know what you’re thinking.
Make Him Take A Nap
But unless I’m sitting in the room to make sure he doesn’t get up he will just play the whole time.

Implement Quiet Time
If I put him in his room for quite time he is anything but quiet and he destroys the house.
Yes, he gets in trouble but he is a stubborn child that doesn’t learn things easily.

So we’ve endured no naps for awhile now.
No naps result in a lot of melt downs but also an earlier and somewhat easier bedtime so I’ve accepted the trade off.

However, since Noah was born I am in serious need of quiet and Jude is more hyper than ever. 
In the fall he will be starting preschool which I’m hoping will help him expel some of his pent up energy but until then I need to figure out how to survive the crazy.

His energy level is off the charts. And yes it is exhausting.
I’m worried he will be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or some other sort of disability.

I would love any advice.
How can I help him learn to practice calm?
What can I do that will help him get out his extra energy?
His his behavior typcial for a 3.5 year old boy and I’m just over exaggerating?

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