DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath


I’m not crafty in the least bit but I occasionally get fun decorating ideas and sometimes they work out. (Sometimes they don’t!)

Well I had the brilliant idea to make a wreath using Christmas ornaments. We’ve always had very colorful Christmas decorations and I wanted to highlight that with a big wreath hanging above our fireplace.

colorful ornament wreathSupplies

  • 80 – 100 medium size plastic ornaments (you can buy them at Target or Dollar Tree)
  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • binder clip
  • ribbon


  1. Shape your coat hanger into a circle
  2. Add a binder clip to the end of the hanger so the ornaments don’t fall off while you are threading them on.
  3. Thread on your ornaments through the small hook that is on the top. Let gravity take over and they will all magically fall into place. (you can rearrange them a bit if they don’t fall just right.)
  4. After all the ornaments are threaded on the wire and you think it’s too full (it’s not), re-twist the top of the coat hanger.
  5. Use the coat hanger hook or ribbon to hang your wreath. I used the ribbon since I wanted mine hanging over top a mirror. (I threaded the 1st round of  ribbon between the ornaments so the weight of the wreath was applied to the coat hanger and not the ornaments. Then I wrapped a second ribbon around the entire thing to make it look pretty.)

But what makes this project so great is that it cost me about $10 to make. I bought tubes of plastic ornaments from the $1 bin at Target and use a wire coat hanger. It will take more ornaments than you think because they bunch together to form these beautiful clusters. I don’t use any kind of pattern but would could color coordinate if you like.

diy ornament wreath*Note: my plastic ornaments pop off their attachment hooks pretty easily so I had a few ornaments pop off while I was working with it. Luckily they are just as easy to reattach. You would permanently attach them with a bit of hot glue.


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