Noah Asher – Month Four

This boy is 4 months old now.
I am absolutely in love with him.
He has the sweetest disposition and I love watching his personality take shape. 
He will stare me down until I look at him and then he flashes me the biggest goofy smile you’ve ever seen. I LOVE IT!
I’m not sure of his current stats (guess I should plan his next check up soon)
I’m guessing he’s close to 20lbs – he’s a chunk
He wears mostly 6-12 mo clothes erring on the side of 9mo
He has long mastered rolling from back to tummy and can, on occasion, roll back.
He longs to sit up but doesn’t have the balance yet.
He discovered his feet
He also reaches for everything, especially my food.
He thinks everything Jude does is hilarious and in turn Jude does anything he can to make Noah laugh. (I foresee a lot of goofiness from these boys)
He loves to nurse and almost every time I feed him I think back to those first few weeks when his tongue-tie prevented him from nursing. I am so proud that we both persevered through that rough patch and now have an awesome breastfeeding relationship. (I have no plans to stop breastfeeding anytime soon.)
Mid-Photo Shoot he decided it would be better if he was lying on his tummy.
The he decided he was wrong about that decision and back was better.

Noah is just all-around awesomeness. 
If you don’t believe me here are more pictures to prove it…
mom this sticker is so lame, I’m going to eat it.
see ya later!

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