Noah Asher Month 8

I’m a little behind on Noah’s 8 month update because we were out of town this past weekend. We spent a few days at the beach and it was awesome.
So here is what’s up with Mr. Noah.
Weight: 24lbs
Sleep: 8 hours at night
Naps: 1 morning/ 1 afternoon
Food: Mostly breastfeed. Eats about every 2-3 hours during the day. He’s a quick eater, usually about 15 min max then he’s done. We’ve been trying solid foods on and off for a few weeks and he’s just now getting interested. He is mostly exploring texture and flavor so only eats about half a jar a day. But he really enjoys the process.

On-The-Go: Noah is on the go. In the past month he’s gone from rolling all over the place to scooting. He can get up on his hands and knees but isn’t sure what to do when he gets there. Occasionally, he will get stuck on his hands and knees and start crying. It’s the saddest, cutest thing ever. He is also trying very hard to sit up. He can get to a half sit/leaning pose which I call his model pose and if the wind is just right he can sit up.

Communication: I have no idea where he learned it because I didn’t intentionally teach him but Noah knows a bit of sign language. When he’s hungry he signs milk and then points to his mouth. It’s adorable and very helpful. I sign it back to him so he knows I understand what he wants.

Personality: Noah is a very peaceful child. Of course he has his moments of being a baby but overall he’s very chill. If he likes someone he does this cute head tilt flirt thing and reaches his hand out as to say, “You are awesome!” He’s also very grabby. I can no longer hold him while I am doing anything or else he wants to participate.

Brothers: Jude is a good big brother to Noah. He rarely gets jealous of the time I spend with Noah or the toys he plays with. He does on occasion get a little too rough when he plays with Noah but I can already tell these boys are going to love wrestling. Noah of course thinks anything Jude does is hilarious.


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