The Second Baby

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Oh, the things I know now that I wish I knew when Jude was a newborn.
While I am still trying to figure out how to parent two small children I am also finding that certain aspects parenting are actually a little easier the second time around. (Unfortunately, not breastfeeding)
When Jude was a baby I remember many long nights of crying, failed attempts to soothe an upset baby and my rattled nerves. Some may think Noah is just more content and easy going than Jude was but really it’s me who is more comfortable and relaxed. 
Babies totally feed off of your energy and if you are worried, anxious, nervous or scared they exhibit those same emotions. A calm and relaxed baby most often has a relaxed and confident mother. 
A lot of my confidence just comes from experience. While all babies are different there are some universal signs babies give to help us figure out what they need. And to be honest there are only a few options for why baby is crying. Hunger. Discomfort. Sleepiness.
True to his name Noah is a very peaceful baby. He likes to be cuddled, swaddled and fed well. I seldom encounter a time when I cannot console him and when I do daddy usually notices what he needs and swoops in to save the day. I’m enjoying baby snuggles more this time around. I’d most certainly prefer to cuddle than do the dishes. And my patience has grown leaps and bounds (thanks to parenting a toddler). 
While it’s still a hard job with long hours I think being a mom is probably the best job on the planet.

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