Family Schedules with The Middle

Life is busy. I know our schedules are usually pretty packed and our kids aren’t even in school yet. I know both of our boys will probably be pretty active so that is why we are implementing a family calendar. We use an online calendar so that both Joe and I will know of any social engagements that we are required to attend.

It’s especially difficult when both Joe and I make individual plans without consulting each other. It doesn’t happen often but when it does one of us usually has to cancel our plans so that someone is watching the boys. I’d like to think that we learn from our experiences and that our online calendar is the end-all-be-all to our family planning but it’s not. I just hope that by the time the boys are older we don’t forget to pick them up from school or miss their baseball game.

One thing I love about watch The Middle is that Frankie and Mike are everyday parents trying to survive the craziness that comes with raising a family. They have busy schedules and struggle to meet everyone needs. They usually fall short which is what makes The Middle such a hilarious and and pain-painstakingly true to life show that viewers love so much.
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