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The B Keeps Us Honest-Product Review

You can learn a lot about a person by looking at their Record Tape CD MP3 collection. Most of the music on our MUSIC SERVER (That’s right my husband has dedicated a whole server to our music collection) I married into. 

In our old house we had this huge wall of CDs most of which belong to Joe. Now in our new place Joe has painstakingly converted all of our CDs to MP3s.

Nevertheless, here is a peek into just a small portion of the music on our server…

(selection taken from songs starting with the letter “s”)
(selection taken from songs starting with the letter “h”)
A few notes about some the songs:
  • Jimmy Eat World is one of Joe’s all time favorite bands. (He gave me his favorite album on our 1st Christmas together)
  • I’ll admit that the Ricky Martin CD is mine. (It hold nostalgic value from college)
  • The Moulin Rouge soundtrack is also mine.
  • Most of the “Religious” music belongs to me.
  • You won’t find much “Country” music in our collection
  • You also won’t find much “Hip Hop/Rap”
  • Some of the bands/musicians I’ve never heard of include: Gwen Mars, Foals, Earth, Movies with Heros, and Paul Burch
  • Over the Rhine’s Drunkard Prayer is an awesome album
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