Prayer for a Babe and Free Music #iheartnc


NC Musician Mark Mathis is celebrating the birth of his daughter by giving away all of his music.
While you’re waiting for the music to download please say a prayer for his new little girl, Sparrow as she is undergoing heart surgery.

Here is the note from Mark Mathis:

Hello! My wife and I just had a baby girl, ‘sparrow’, and I wanted to brag a bit. She is absolutely beautiful and I am so proud of Jessie for her attitude throughout the birth and exhausting days following. Sparrow will need heart surgery in several days to correct some defects that we were aware of prior to her birth. We really have the best possible doctors and hospital staff, but we would appreciate any prayers or other forms of love that you want to give. I decided that to celebrate Sparrow’s entrance into this world, I would give away all of my music for free. Please forward this to all of your friends, facebook, twitter, etc.
We love you all,
Mark, Jessie, Noah, and Sparrow

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