AnnieWear + ASPCA Work Together to Teach Kids About Preventing Animal Cruelty

Growing up we had a few dogs that were all rescues. First was our doberman, Erin. She was rescued from an abusive family and even though she looked threatening she was the sweetest dog.  
A few years passed and I began to beg my parents to get me another dog. I promised I would take care of it. Finally, one day, I’m not sure why but my parents decided we should get a dog. We headed down to the ASPCA, “just to look” my dad said and ended up coming home with a few week old mixed breed dog we named, Puddy. 
Puddy was a crazy, fun loving dog that became more than just “my dog” he became a part of our family.
Puddy died a few years ago and everyone in our family took it pretty hard. He was a great companion to all of us and I can only hope that in a few years when our family adopts a dog from the ASPCA we are lucky enough to find a dog as loving as Puddy.
AnnieWear offers high-quality animal-themed baby and toddler clothing and gifts. A portion of all AnnieWear sales are donated to animal rescue programs around the country. AnnieWear products are not only adorable but a great way to teach little ones to be kind to all living creatures. To help teach your little ones more about helping the furry little ones, go to
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