Little Changes Make A Big Difference

As a blogging mom I spend a good amount of my free time on the computer. Joe also spends a lot of time working on building his servers and computer network. So, a lot of evenings we sit at our respective computers working on various projects but not really spending any time together.
Because of our recent move we no longer have the computers in the same room as the television. Now we can unplug from the internet and sit on the couch together and watch a movie. It’s like a mini date night without have to spend any money or leave the comfort of our own home. Even though we are still watching television we are both completely focused on one thing and aren’t trying to split our attention. We can cuddle, get sucked into a good movie and just enjoy each others company.
One of our new years goals was to go on more dates but date nights are expensive. After you factor in the cost of dinner, a movie, a babysitter and any additional fees like parking you can easily spend upwards of $100 for one night. I’m sure we aren’t the only people that don’t have that kind of money to spend on a regular basis but you probably do have plenty of time to set aside specifically for your spouse.
I know I’m guilty of  claiming that I don’t “have enough time” but really if I were to sit down and assess how I spend each of the hours in my day I’m sure I could find a ton of extra time. Time I could be using to build into my relationship with my husband.
They say that marriage is about constant pursuit of your spouse. You can’t just put it on auto-pilot and expect everything to be sunshine and daisies, you have to put forth effort every day to learn and grow with your spouse. It can be simple things like finding the time to watch a movie after the kids have gone to bed or putting together a puzzle or working in the yard together. But specifically setting aside time for each other is key.
I know I often let the duties of life take over and my marriage takes a back seat but I hope the little changes like removing computers from our every night routine will help build into our relationship.
It really is the little switches that make such a big difference in our lives.
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