Family Road Trip Snacks


Last week we took a family road trip from North Carolina to Florida. This was our first long road trip with the kids so I knew I’d need to be prepared with a lot of snacks.

Packing a lot of snacks gives us the opportunity to keep moving during meal times. We often eat a big snack around our typical meal time so we can reach our destination and then eat a later lunch/dinner. So I try to pack somewhat health and filling snacks that will keep everyone happy on the road.

Here’s what I packed for our most recent trip. (I also added some items I knew we might eat while on vacation or would want for the drive home.)

Road Trip Snacks

Skinny Pop Mini Cakes

Annies Really Peely

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

Kind Bars


Little Bites

Trail Mix


Garden Veggie Straws

Yogurt Raisins

GoGo Squeeze

If you have Amazon Prime use Amazon Fresh and get groceries delivered right to your door.

What do you pack for road trip snacks?

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