Meal Plan Monday

weekly meal plan

Last week was a busy week but this week we have very little on our calendar, which is good because I feel like I might be getting sick.

We are still trying to eat a lot of paleo meals with small amounts of carbohydrates on occasion. I’m excited to try out spaghetti noodles made from quinoa, the boys love spaghetti so it’s hard to give up noodles. We are looking for healthy alternatives that are still basically a noodle and adding a salad to make sure we get lots of veggies.

Monday – Chicken with bacon wrapped asparagus
Tuesday – Cuban
Wednesday – Quinoa spaghetti with meat sauce and side salad
Thursday – Chicken fajitas
Friday – Make your own pizza night
Saturday – Paleo Bean-less Chicken Chili
Sunday – London broil with baked sweet potatoes


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