Oh the Pandemonium was Beautiful

Last night Joe and I had a fabulous time at the Pandemonium show in Raleigh. I’ve seen Stomp twice so I was super excited but Joe had no idea what to expect. I think the show started a little late because there was an ultra long line at will call but that’s OK cause we were in that line. 
I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to describe the show to you and all I can really say is that you just have to see it for yourself. It’s hilarious, amazing and beautiful. I particularly enjoyed trying to figure out how each instrument was made and which sound it produced. I think my favorite instruments were all the glass pieces, they have such a beautiful eerie sound. The composition of the pieces could match that of any famous composer just with unique instruments. 
After the show some of the cast came back on stage to answer questions from audience members. Most people had already left when they came out so a small crowd gather around the front to ask questions. The cast was funny and pleasant to interact with. I think it’s wonderful how they engage the audience not only after the show but during. I got up the nerve to ask a question and learn that they actually write the music out on sheet music. 
Pandemonium will be in town for a few more days (until October 3rd) so if you get the chance I highly recommend attending the show. It is an experience you will not soon forget.

I received ticket to the featured performance courtesy of Broadway Series South. The opinions express in this post are my own and are no way influence by the company.

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