Winter Break Activities for Kids

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Winter break can be long and cold, especially when all of the kids are home for winter break. Most kids would prefer to spend their break playing video games but it’s nice to have alternative activities to keep them busy. These activities include things to do as a family around town and things to do at home.

Winter Buckets List for Raleigh, NC

Around Town

  1. Kids Museum – Kids museums are a wonderful indoor location for kids to be engaged mentally and physically.
  2. Science or History Museum – Most local museums offer kid-friendly activities or events.
  3. Movie Theater – Go see a kid-friendly movie at the theater.
  4. Park/Playground – Bundle up and go visit a new or beloved park near you.
  5. Library – Local libraries often offer storytime or kids’ events throughout the week.
  6. Bowling – Put on your bowling shoes and go bowling. Some bowling alleys offer discounts for mid-week games.
  7. Trampoline Park – Trampoline parks are wildly popular with kids. Let them bounce away all of that extra energy.
  8. Roller Skating – Roller skating is making a comeback. It’s a great indoor activity for kids.
  9. Farmer’s Market – Some farmer’s markets operate in the winter and aren’t nearly as busy as during the summer.
  10. Arcade – The arcade is a great way for kids to experience some old-school fun.

At Home

  1. Paint – Give kids some watercolor or washable paint and let them explore their creativity.
  2. Bake – Get in the kitchen and bake something delicious together. Kid-friendly cookbooks are a great place to get recipes.
  3. Movie and Popcorn – Set up a movie night (or day) complete with popcorn and candy.
  4. Video Games – Play video games with your kids, these multiplayer games are our favorites.
  5. Board Games Board games are a great way to spend cold, dreary winter days indoors.
  6. Create Comic Books – Challenge your kids to create their own comic book.
  7. LEGO Building Challenge – Get a new LEGO set or have a building challenge to see how creative kids can be with their LEGO builds.
  8. Do a Puzzle – Stay warm and cozy inside, working on a puzzle together.
  9. Play-Doh – Unleash your child’s creativity with Play-Doh. There are so many things to create with Play-Doh.
  10. Science Experiment – Combine learning and fun with easy-to-do science experiments.
  11. Read – Reading is always a good way to spend a cold winter day. Pick up some books that will make you laugh.
  12. Workbooks – Keep their brains engaged and learning with fun workbooks.

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