Blogger of the Week: Franticmommy

Today’s Featured Blogger is Becky “Becky leaves the place a wrecky” from Franticmommy
How old is your blog or long have you been blogging? 
I’ve been blogging since 2008. It’s funny. I look back old posts and marvel at how rough and semi-dorky they were. Not that I am any sort of stellar writer, but it’s cool to for any blogger to see their efforts evolve. It’s been fun watching my blog “grow up.”
What made you choose the name of your blog? 
Franticmommy is sooooooo me! I swear almost every part of my day feels like a timed event. I think that just comes from being a full-time working mom with 2 kids, a husband, and two home-businesses! 
Why do you blog and what do you love about blogging? 
I love two things; 1)I love writing what I want, when I want. Period. No editor telling me it not good enough or they don’t like my “angle”. It’s just Franticmommy raw, pure, and hopefully funny as heck. Then2). the connections I have made with other Mom bloggers. I just wish I had more time in the day to read and support all the rockin Mommy bloggers out there. 
What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog? 
I love the post One Spoiled Mommy because it’s a good snapshot of our family
And Fish Emergency In the Express Lane will always be the most embarassing moment that resulted in a Pretty Darn Funny Post.
Legend of the Poop Knife is also a fav. It’s one of those stories I will probably whip out at my son’s Grad party and mortify the heck outta him. It’s a great laugh and a true story..but I warn you, it’s not for the weak stomached!

Are you married? If so, how long? 
Yup, 21 years. Hubs and I met in Senior High as 10th graders. I thought he was horrible. Then in 11th grade I had a crush on him but he didn’t know I was alive. Then in our Senior year we became just really good friends. Two weeks after graduation he asked me out and we’ve been together ever since.
Do you have children? If so, how many? 
We have two gorgeous rugrats ages 4 and 7.  Our babies were hard fought and hard won. our oldest is adopted and our youngest we “cooked” ourselves thanks to fertiliy treatments. Jake is our oldest and gives the best hugs in the world. Sara the Stinker just turned 4.  welove her to bits, but she is like having a wild raccoon in the house.
What is your favorite movie? 
I am not sure why, but I will alway love Working Girl with Melaine Griffth.
Who is your favorite actor? 
Hugh Jackman. YUM YUM.  Need I say more? Plus he is an adoptive parent as well.
What is your favorite band or musician? 
I am all over the map as far as music.  Currently I like Nickleback and Dautry. I also really like Sugarland.
What is your favorite food? 
Pasta of any sort, size shape. I am a carbs ho.
What is your favorite candy? 
dark chocolate all the way, baby!
What else should readers know about you? 
I love motivational stuff. Books, tapes, CDs. Anything I can do to improve my brain is all good. Plus I can use a nail gun and milk a goat like nobody’s business!

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