Blogger of the Week: Acting Balanced

Today’s Featured Blogger is Heather from Acting Balanced

How old is your blog or long have you been blogging? 
About 3 months

What made you choose the name of your blog? 
I’m a Libra and I was always taught about balance and focus and the acting part comes from the idea of ‘fake it til you make it’ 

Why do you blog and what do you love about blogging? 
I love to share and get comment love!  I’m a never-stay-at-home-mom and sometimes I just want to connect with other adults…

What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog? – a family story about visiting my grandparents cottage

Are you married?  If so, how long? 
Yep, almost twelve years

Do you have children?  If so, how many? 
Yes, 2 – an 11 year old and a 3 year old

What is your favorite movie? 
It’s kinda like watching a train wreck, but no matter what I’m doing, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off comes on TV, I drop everything to watch it…

Who is your favorite actor? 
Sean Connery

What is your favorite band or musician? 
Barenaked Ladies and Great Big Sea (Both fab Canadian Bands)

What is your favorite food? 

What is your favorite candy? 
Sponge Toffee and Candy Apples

What else should readers know about you?
So what is Acting Balanced?

It’s a blog about being me – sometimes mouthy, opinionated and always right… actually it’s partly that and partly a little slice of family history, current issues and just plain fun!    When I blog, I often talk about things in my life – my children, my family especially my childhood recollections, my grandmother’s memoirs that I’m helping to edit and occasionally my husband.

The reason that my husband doesn’t get mentioned as often as the others is because he’s the most balanced thing in my life… making it tough to write good family rated material about him 🙂  He gets a shout out today for supporting me in everything I do and scoring tickets to Bubbles and Sweets next week 😉

So if you’re reading a blog about me, you should know something about me – I’m a 34 year old never-stay-at-home mom living in Charleston SC after growing up in Ontario, Canada.  I love Charleston and everything about it, but I often get homesick for family, friends and real poutine (another story entirely).  My two kids Robyn, 11 and Liam, 3 are as different as night and day and are both at points in their life where they are challenging and fabulous at the same time.  We are currently dealing with the whole pre-teen drama and angst of Middle School with one and the ups and downs of autism with the other, but there are also the sweet, funny moments and pics that I share with you that make it all worth while.
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