How to Roast a Red Pepper

I don’t claim to be a great cook. I do often experiment and try new things, most often they don’t turn out so great. But occasionally I’ll get lucky and create sometime delicious. The other day Harris Teeter had a bag of 4 Red Peppers marked down on clearance, $2 total! They like to mark down produce because they aren’t super pretty but they still taste the same. So I bought them not really know how I would use them.

I decided to roast them. I’ve never roasted red peppers but it’s super simple. The internet told me how. Now I’m going to tell you.

1. Turn on your broiler
2. Wash your red pepper
3. Place whole red pepper on the top rack of your oven.
4. Watch as the top of the red pepper turns black (may take a couple minutes.)
5. Turn Red Pepper and watch the next side turn black.
6. Continue turning until all of the pepper is black.
7. Remove pepper from oven and wrap in aluminum foil.
8. Let pepper sit for 15 minutes. It will continue to cook .
9. Remove stem and seed.
10. Remove skin. Should be pretty easy to peel away.
11. Cut into strips as thin as you like.
12. Eat or store in your fridge.


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