How to Make Family Dinners Happen

The other day I wrote about our family dinners and their importance. It may seem like life is too busy and you don’t have time to slow down for anything much less a home cooked meal where all members of your family are present but trust me, you do. It just takes a little planning and I bet you can make it happen.

Here are few ideas to help make Family Dinners happen in your home…
Put It On The Calendar – Our lives get so hectic and if it’s not on the calendar then it doesn’t get done. So mark your calendar for at least one weeknight family dinner. If you can, make it a standing date. For instance, every Thursday night could be family dinner night, that way everyone knows they should never make plans on Thursday night because it’s family time.

Meal Plan– If you know what your going to make before you even go to the grocery store you won’t be stuck staring in the refrigerator trying to figure out what on earth to cook for dinner. I meal plan for about two weeks and it not only saves me the headache of finding something to cook each night it also saves a lot of money.

Invite Your Family – One of the biggest challenges we have in our extended family is communication. One person will do all the planning and fail to let everyone else know what’s going on. If you want everyone to be sitting at the table at 6pm sharp for dinner then you need to let them know and remind them, and remind them, and remind them. Write it on your whiteboard, chalkboard, a note on the fridge… anywhere they will see it multiple times a day.

Create A Theme – Every once in awhile make it fun with a theme dinner. Taco Night. Make Your Own Pizza Night. Let each child pick the menu. Pretty much anything your family likes. It doesn’t have to be corny but it can be fun.

Remove the Pressure – If you just don’t have the time to cook dinner order a pizza or pick up some food on your way home from work. But sit around the dinner table as a family while you eat. 

Set some Ground Rules – Avoid eating in front of the television. Don’t allow cell phones or laptops at the dinner table. Keep the conversation light. Don’t interrogate your child or argue with your spouse. You want to make this an enjoyable event for everyone in the family.

The ultimate goal is to slow down, take a break from the business of life and just enjoy your family. Talk, laugh, and keep the mood light. Years from now I can guarantee you won’t regret investing time into your family.

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