Cleaning the Linen Closet


Guest post by Andrea at Lil-kid-things

When Jessica asked me to do a post for The B Keeps Us Honest Spring Cleaning event, I knew exactly what it would be. My linen closet was in a sad state of affairs and has been for some time. I knew it needed an overhaul, especially with a toddler running around. We, like many people kept our cleaning supplies on the floor. Obviously that would no longer work. I also had a baby bathtub that is no longer needed as well as miscellaneous paper products that never really found a home.


Thankfully, I had established a system years ago that just needed some fine tuning, so I got to work. It’s no surprise that containers do wonders for storage aesthetics. I find this to be particularly true for small spaces such as a linen closet. I moved the cleaning supplies to the second shelf and they are contained so if needed, they could go all the way to the top. I re-purposed some wire cubes to store the toiletries and refolded our linens. I also spent some time going through old medications and lotions (yes they expire too!) and got rid of all the excess. Sometimes it’s hard to let those things go. But in my opinion, the freedom is FAR better than the chance that you would have and remember having some obscure item for 5 years “just in case”.


I now have a closet that I CAN USE. And that is a wonderful feeling!
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