The Shoes I Never Thought I’d Buy

In my dreams I’m a “classy lady”, the kind who buys only nice things and gives her friends and family only the finest gifts. In my other dreams I’m the “fun mom”, laughing and playing with my kids all the time. In reality I don’t think anyone would call me “classy”. Classy ladies don’t fart right? And I’m not sure the patrons of Target would call me the “fun” mom after toting the 3 year old out of the store kicking and screaming because I wouldn’t let him open all the toys in the toy section. (OK I’m exaggerating… a little) 

Because I want to be classy and fun at the same time, last week I found myself at a crossroads over the purchase of a pair of shoes for Jude, the aforementioned 3 year old. You see, small children tend to grow a lot, hence outgrowing their clothes and shoes rather quickly. So as winter approaches I thought Jude might like a pair of shoes that aren’t sandals. During an outing to Target we passed through the shoe section just to see what they had to offer. Of course there were plenty of light-up shoes with characters on them, the kind a “classy mom” would never buy. So we tried on a few pair of dressy shoes and boots, none of which Jude particularly cared for. As I stood there staring at the aisle of shoes I realized I’m not a “classy mom” and Jude certainly isn’t a “classy kid”. Dress shoes? For a 3 year old? What was I thinking? So I backed up and pulled a pair of Toy Story shoes off the shelf and handed them to Jude. Immediately his eyes lit up. “Buzz LightYear Mommy!” Then I handed him a pair of Cars shoes and received an even bigger smile. “Cars Mommy! Lighting McQueen!” Finally, I handed him the Spiderman shoes and he immediately handed me back both of the other shoes and asked to “Put on Spiderman Shoes Mommy! Spiderman!” (His Halloween costume this year is Spiderman!)

As I stood there with my ever so happy 3 year old wearing Spiderman shoes I had a little conversation with myself. (Yes, I talk to myself. Don’t pretend like you don’t talk to yourself too.) 

Oh man he really loves these Spiderman shoes. He will probably throw a fit if I don’t get them. But I promised myself I would never buy my children cheap character shoes. He needs a good pair of shoes. Shoes that will help him run faster and look fancier. But he could wear these Spiderman shoes with his Halloween costume. Maybe they can be a part of his costume. They are just play shoes. Play shoes can be cheap because they are going to get all messed up anyway. Plus, this is my chance to be a “fun” mom. And boy does his really love them. Oh, look they are on sale. Sold!

So I carefully asked him, “Jude, do you want these Spiderman shoes?” and of course he replied, “Yes! My Spiderman shoes!” So I put them in the cart and officially became a “fun” mom. I think “fun mom” is a more realistic title for me than classy mom. Besides, what kid wants a “classy mom”? Everyone wants to have a “fun mom”!

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