Don’t Mess with the Cook in the Kitchen

For Christmas we got Jude a little play kitchen. Whenever we go to the museum or other play areas he spends countless hours cooking in the play kitchen. At first he didn’t really know what to do with but once we got it home and set it up with all of his play food and dishes he became cooking obsessed. The first day he spent about 2 straight hours playing. I had to tear him away crying to go eat some actual lunch. 
We got his play kitchen from CSN Stores. It’s a cute little Educo Kitchen in Green and Orange. I like that it is wooden and a gender neutral color palate. It’s hard to find play kitchens that aren’t all pink, not that it really matters since all of his kitchen accessories are pink anyway. 
I love that he can spend hours “cookin dinna” for me. Most gender stereotypes suggest that kitchen play is meant for girls but he loves to cook. It’s actually worked out great in helping him learn food names and actually trying new foods. Previously, he wouldn’t touch a cucumber but his play set has 2 cucumbers which he loves to name. So one day at the store he helped me pick out a real cucumber just like his play one. When we got home he watched dada prepare the cucumber and we all tried a slice together. 

I love that he loves to cook I just wish he wasn’t so particular about where everything goes. He’ll throw a little fit if I put a dish in the wrong place. But I guess I feel the same way about my kitchen.

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