January Spring

The past few days have yielded unseasonably gorgeous weather. You might mistakenly think it’s spring, unless you’re Andrea. Nevertheless, we have been enjoying this brief stint of nice weather to the best of our abilities and that includes many walks to our beloved neighborhood park.

Jude knows the route well. In fact, the other day I decided to take a detour and passed the road the park was on and when I didn’t turn right Jude noticed and started fussing and pointing in the direction of the park. By far his favorite thing at the park are the swings. He runs to them yelling, “wee! wee!” and continues to yell, “wee! wee!” well into the swinging. I’d have to say his second favorite thing about the park would be the other children… he loves watching them and chasing them around. He also likes the buses, trucks and motorcycles that drive by.

Watching Kids Play

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