Menu Planning Update and Grocery Shopping

Yesterday while Joe was home hanging my new curtain rods and Jude was napping I took off for a little me time shopping. (with a little less shopping a little more browsing.) I went to Cameron Village’s sidewalk sale, even with the sale prices the boutique stuff was still over priced but it was fun to walk around and pretend!

However, I did buy some organic baby soap from Beanie and Cecil Baby! Also, I stopped by the Harris Teeter and scored some great deals which will slightly alter my menu for the upcoming week. Every so often HT bags produce that’s on the verge of being bad and sells it for super cheap. If you are lucky enough to catch it buy as much as you can and work it into your menu, it’s totally worth it.

Here’s what I got:
10 bananas – $.50
4 eggplants – $1.25
2 peppers, 5 cucumbers, 2 organic zuchinni, 2 organic yellow squash – $1.50
1 big bag of red potatoes – $1.00
HT Oatmeal – $1.89
1 California pizza kitchen pizzas @ $5.99 (-$2/2 blinkie)
HT butter – $1.49
YoBaby Yogurt – $3.99 (-$1 mfc)
Organic Eggs $4.39
Organic Valley 1/2 gallon milk – $4.39 (-$1 mfc)

OOP: 34.32

Menu Update:
So I’ll be working the eggplant in by making Moussaka sometime soon.
Jude will eat the bananas and I might make banana bread
I’ll incorporate the zucchini and squash into a pasta dish
The peppers will work well with taco night.
Looks like we’ll be having mashed potatoes sometime soon too.


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