My crazy dreams

Anyone that knows me has probably heard tell of my crazy dreams. Usually they aren’t bad just bizarre, detailed and highly interesting. I really need to learn how to channel my dreams so I can make lots of money as a script writer.

Here are brief overview of some of my fun dreams. (don’t really care to record the scary or disturbing ones)

1. I was working on the set of a music video which was being filmed in the country in front of an old barn on a dirt road. The camera was attached to a pickup truck and a majority of the footage was just driving along old country roads. as we approached the old barn there were three girls standing by the road, they were back up singers. As we turn to face the barn we see the singer, who just so happened to be our friend Jumbo. He was singing some country song with his three back up singers… it was awesome.

2. Joe and I were at church one Sunday morning and the worship team was completely different. Pastor Matt decided to switch things up and put together a gospel group to lead worship. However most of the people on the worship team were middle aged white women that had big hair. One woman played the acoustic guitar and another played the keyboard and there were also 4 back up singers. There were old white guys playing upright bass and drums. There were two saxophone players one of whom was Reginald VelJohnson (Carl Winslow on Family Matters). The band wasn’t very good but they tried very hard and the back up singers even had synchronized moves. The congregation was in shock I think and mostly just sat and watched in awe… I can imagine it may have been like watching the disillusioned performers on American Idol.

3. I was a part of a sailing team. Our team were the underdogs and our arch rivals were the snobby rich kids that always won the big competition. This year we were determined to win. The grand prize was $50,000 for each team member, second prize was $15,000 worth of Lays products. Our team was asked to be a part of a shoe commercial. We had to hip hop dance in the commercial and I wasn’t very good so my team mates spent alot of time helping me train.


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