6 week challanege update

So…. It guess it’s the beginning of week 4. I’ve gotten a little side tracked with keeping up with everything. However, I have been walking and doing yoga pretty regularly. There were a few days of rain and me and Jude not feeling well so we took a little “break”. But I’m hoping to start blogging about everything again this week.
But here is some exciting news! Over the weekend I got my husband to do yoga with me. The easiest and most explanatory video I had was a pregnancy/postnatal yoga video, so he followed along as we pull up our pelvic floor and worked our birthing hips! And I might add that he did pretty well for a first-timer. He asked if we could do it again, he thinks it might help the tightness in his shoulders and back. I’m excited I think it will be fun doing yoga together!

So the plan for today is to take a long walk with Jude after he wakes up.


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