Sick No More

Over the weekend we all developed colds and are slowly starting to recover. Just yesterday Jude and I ventured out of the house.

We didn’t go too far just to the mall with our friends. The boys played in the kid’s play area. It’s not a very impressive play area but they don’t know that yet. Aren’t they cute?

Then we ate lunch in the food court and browsed a few stores. All in all a pretty simple day.

However, afternoon nap didn’t happen so we went to the park. Met some new friends. Talked to with some old friends. Came home and took a great nap. Nothing like a little fresh air to assist at nap time.

This morning we decided to try out the Toddler Time story at the Cameron Village Library. So met some friends and join the all the other crazy mommies.   Jude didn’t seem too interested in the stories or felt-board presentations but he did enjoy the music. And trying to steal people’s drinks especially coffee. Afterward we ran around the library and the moved the party outside to Fred Fletcher Park.

I’m so glad we’re all feeling better because we love playing with friends and going on new adventures. Now if only the runny noses and coughs would go away.


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