Super Secret Birthday Trip

This past Saturday, after my yard sale excursion, Joe took me on a Secret Birthday Day-Trip. (Well it wasn’t that secret since he told me about a few days in advance so I could plan.) We drove to Charlotte to visit the new IKEA.
Before we got married Joe and I took a big trip to the IKEA in Virginia (which was the closest location at the time) to buy furnishing for our new apartment. Since then they built one in Charlotte and we constructed a list of additional things we needed. So my for my birthday we put aside a little money and went shopping!

We mostly got small things but a few larger items came home with us… thanks to the Bonchaks who called us while laying on the beach in Charleston to ask if we could buy a 6ft Lack Wall Shelf. (We are good friends!)

So here’s what we got…
Hannes Computer Unit w/Drawer
4 Vagen Curtain Rod Sets w/ 1 additional Double Rod wall hardware
3yds of Fredrika Fabric (the blue on blue print)
Ikea 365+ Garlic Press
Lattsam Potty in Blue
Barslig baby spoons
Kalas bowl set
Tripp tin set
Sy sewing Kit
Mula Bead Roller Coaster
4 Nyttja Frames
2 Granat Cushions
Charm Funnel Set (Blue)
3 Bars of Chocolate
1 box Kakor Chokladflarn (Double Chocolate Cookies)

We also ate at the Resturant and Bistro:
Buffalo Chicken Wraps
Mac n Cheese
Ligonberry Soda
$1 Ice Cream to finish the day.

After our 4+ hour visit to IKEA we met Joe’s friend Metal Mike at Akropolis Cafe for dinner and then let Jude play in the kids section of Barnes and Noble. Jude was great the whole trip! It was a great day spent with my family. Joe thought he was giving me a shopping trip but he gave me so much more…. all the things I love: Family, Road trips, Shopping, Deals, Chocolate, Greek Food and the perfect day!

Happy Birthday to ME!


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