There’s a Party In My Tummy for Jude Lieb!

I can’t believe the time has come to celebrate Jude’s first birthday!
On Saturday, June 27th he turns 1 year old…. also we’re throwing him a killer party!
Obviously it’s going to be Yo Gabba Gabba themed! So to all Jude friends… come party with us!

To all Jude’s grandparents and other people that might want to get him something, he made me a list!

1. 12mo or 18mo clothes (Mommy suggested this one)
2. shoes for walking! size 4 or 5
3. sippy cups for drinking juice!
4. board books or anything that I can open and close repeatedly
5. ice cream and lots of it!
6. money for my savings account and college tuition (Jacob suggested this one)
7. Burn Notice Season 2 on DVD (Daddy suggested this one)
8. molars so I can eat chips
9. anything Yo Gabba Gabba
10. all my friends to come to my party!


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