A Moment Alone

I never realize how much I need alone time until i finally take some. I get so caught up in to-do lists, taking care of everyone, attending events, and life that I forget to take a break and just soak it all in.lunch alone

Thanks to an awesome friend I got to take a few moments alone yesterday morning. I had a Groupon for a hair cut was nearing expiration and I was certainly overdo for a trim but of course the available slots with the hairdresser and my kid-free hours didn’t line up. So, I took my problem to Facebook and almost immediately a friend volunteered to watch my boys so I could get a hair cut, she also suggested a take a little extra “me” time. I was so overjoyed I almost started crying (it had already been one of those days).

Monday morning finally arrived and I was MORE than ready for my hair appointment (after spending most of the night awake with a fussy baby). I had no idea how I was going to do to my hair and I really didn’t care, I was just excited to be getting out of the house for a few hours by myself. After my hair appointment I ate lunch outside at Cafe Carolina and reflected on how much I really needed this today. I love spending time with my family so it’s hard for me to pull myself away for a little rejuvenation but those few times I remember to stop and take some times for myself it’s like a breath of fresh air for my soul.

I really should do this more often.


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