The Sleepy Liebs


We’ve learned that you are supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps but what do you do when the baby never sleeps? For the past two nights Jude has spent 5+ straight hours awake wanting to eat. I’d feed him until he unlatches/falls asleep… thinking he was done I’d put him down and 5 minutes later he’s awake crying and rooting around to nurse more. I know there’s more to breastfeeding than supplying Jude with food but it’s hard on Joe especially since he has to get up to go to work each morning. (Obviously, he’s not feeding Jude but it keeps him up and he wants to help me.) After about 6am Jude sleeps pretty well and will wake up and nurse for about an hour and go back to sleep until about noon. I think if we can adjust his current habit so his 6am trend moves more toward midnight we’d be ok but it’s impossible to keep him awake when he is sleepy.
Oh Jude!


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