3 months

Jude is 3 months old today! For some reason I think this is a big accomplishment sort of like turning 16 or 21… I’m not sure why I feel this is a milestone but I do.
We’re not going to celebrate every month because that’s just silly but I thought it would be nice to post a few new pictures and update all of Jude’s fans on his stats.
I don’t actually know his current stats (height, weight, etc..) but he’s getting bigger that’s for sure.

I figure if Jude had a resume it might look something like this:

Jude Aidan Lieb
Age: 3 mo.
Clothing size: 6 mo.+
Sleep at Night: 6 hours+
Skills: Discovered hands and feet, excellent neck strength, lovin tummy time, rolling from back to stomach(very random but it does happen), starting to do baby crunches, good at holding things, smiles and laughs alot, stares at mommy, loves Yo Gabba Gabba, and loves ceiling fans and lights!


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