The Best Ways to Save Money Before You Go to Disney


Planning a trip to Disney can be costly, especially with the tempting extras in the park. However, you can curb this by pre-purchasing a few items before you leave and packing them in your suitcase. This not only saves you money but also prevents impulse buying. Imagine the relief when your kids don’t beg for an expensive souvenir because you’ve already packed a similar item you bought online for half the price.

Planning and packing for a Disney World trip can be overwhelming due to the multitude of details. However, I’ve personally tested and found many helpful tips and tricks that saved us money and made our trip more magical. These ideas were game-changers for us, and I’m excited to share them to keep the magic alive for you, too!

Buy Themed Clothing

I ordered all the themed Disney shirts in advance to save some money. You’ll end up paying more for them at the park. You can get shirts themed for each park, featuring your favorite Disney character, or make matching shirts for the whole family.

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Buy Princess Dresses

Purchasing a princess dress at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique can be expensive. However, you can bring your dress to save money. Your little one will still get to dress up and experience the princess makeover while you save a little money.

Buy Mickey Ears

Everyone loves wearing Minnie Mouse Ears at Disney. Did you know you can buy Minnie Mouse ears online for way less than you can find in the parks? Unless you plan on visiting Disney often, you won’t wear Minnie Mouse ears again, so save a little money and buy them online.

Buy Treats

Before you leave, buy a few fun treats, such as lollipops and cotton candy. When your kids want a fun treat, you won’t have to wait in a long line or spend extra cash because you’ll be prepared with fun Disney-themed treats.

Buy Souvenirs

It’s a good idea to let your children choose a souvenir to remember their Disney trip. However, you can also purchase a few small items in advance to surprise them during the trip. A great idea is to buy Disney Bubble Wands ahead of time, as they are trendy and can be expensive. Your children will love them and won’t even notice the difference.

Pack Snacks

Avoid hangry children by always having snacks on hand. If you have picky eaters, bring your own food. Bringing extra snacks and water bottles is an easy way to save money at Disney. Disney allows guests to bring in food, so save a bit of money and keep everyone happy.

Work with a Travel Agent

I highly recommend working with a Disney travel planner because they can find ways to save money. A Disney travel planner can help you choose the vacation package that fits your family. They will also monitor discounts on hotels and park tickets and apply them to your vacation package if applicable.


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